How to Survive Being Fired

You’ve just received what feels like the worst news of your life. What do you do now?

M. Cousins offers step-by-step instructions for the recently fired employee. Intended to address the often overwhelming feelings and inertia that accompany the initial period following termination, Ms. Cousins provides a calm “one step at a time” approach with accompanying full-color photographs that allows the fired employee to take a breath and regain a measure of stability and hope.

If you find yourself having just been fired from your job, this book and the accompanying workbook are here to lovingly assist as you move from one day to the next into a new future.

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In this workbook you will find practical and timely instructions for surviving the first thirty days following such an event. The tone is gentle, accepting and patient. If you are looking for a gung-ho charge toward your next employment opportunity, this workbook is not for you. For many of us, being fired from our job can be a devastating loss. This workbook respects the impact being fired can have on our physical, emotional and mental equilibrium and encourages the reader to allow room for the process of recovery.

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Meet M. Cousins

The first time I was fired from a job it came as a complete blindside. I was working in a retail store in the local mall. When I arrived at work, a co-worker greeted me with “The boss wants to see you.” The boss handed me a list of infractions I had apparently committed and informed me I was out of a job. I was fired, and that was that.

The impact of losing a job through being fired can be dramatic. I wrote this book because I have been through and survived this traumatic experience. If you have just been fired, please know you are not alone and you will recover.

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